Our mission

Its easy for us to understand what you like, because we use innovation technologies.

Our algorithm is tracking your preferences each month of the subscription and gives a recommendation, which in the end is more accurate than one given by a human sommelier.

We are not sommeliers, who recommend what they like. We choose wines, which you will like!

Discovering the world of wine is not complicated, Its a simple pleasure

InWine believes that discovering about wine should be as simple as enjoying one. Our team makes the experience of exploring wine easy and interactive — so you can spend more time enjoying the wine in your glass.

We care about finding best wines you cant find by yourself

Each month InWine team is travelling across Spain to find you real nuggets at the best price. After matching it with your preferences you get a perfect wine.


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How else InWine can be useful?

«I don’t know how to describe my wine taste»

You dont need to describe anything. Our algorithm understands your flavor preferences and helps you find wines you’ll love.

«I don’t know that much about wine. Can you help me?»

InWine club is made for those who appreciate wine but don’t necessarily know how to talk about it. As a club member you will discover about wine in an easy and interactive way. Complexities are thrown out the window.

«I love wine, but don’t see other difference rather than Ribera and Rioja»

Every month you will receive o box of wine selected by one of the best experts of Spanish wine. This is a totally new experience, you will not find in a supermarket or a regular restaurant.

«I was a member of another wine club, but one day started to get wrong wine»

In InWine we track your experience every month and update your wine profile, so our next month recommendations are better tailored to your preferences. The more you drink, the better we understand your taste!

«I often drink bad wine»

Every bottle of InWine is selected by our experts. They have tasted more than 5000 Spanish wines during their career and find the perfect gems to send you!

«How fair is the price»

With InWine you will get wine with a price lower than in a regular supermarket or wineshop!

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